Individual Repairs (estimate)

If you just need to get back on the road, we can can also do minor repairs like:

•    Frame alignments
•    Brake adjustments
•    Derailleur adjustments
•    Wheel truing
•    Part installations
•    You name it!


 Tune Up    $95

When should I get a Tune Up?
A tune up is a great annual service for riders who put less than 1000 miles on their bike in a year. Its also a good service if you have a bike in the garage that you haven't ridden in awhile and you want to get it up to snuff so you can get back to one of your favorite activities.

When we do a Tune Up, we clean, inspect, and adjust everything on the bike without getting into the internals. We also check for any parts or pieces that may be worn out and in need of replacing, if we find anything we can let you know since parts cost extra.

A tune up includes:
•    Derailleur adjustments

•    Brake adjustments
•    Headset adjustments
•    Bottom bracket adjustments
•    Wheel bearing adjustments
•    Wheel truing
•    Thorough cleaning and waxing

Overhaul    $175

When should I get an overhaul?
An Overhaul is a good annual service for riders who put more than 1000 miles on their bike in a year. If you put fewer miles on your bike, its still a good idea to have this done at least every other year or every few years depending on how many miles you've gone.

An Overhaul includes everything in the Tune Up, but also includes servicing the internals by replacing their bearing and repacking them with fresh grease. All parts are removed from the bike and thoroughly cleaned, inspected and lubed before remounting and the frame gets inspected for damage or possible defects. 

An Overhaul includes:

 •    Everything included in the Tune Up
•    Replacing and repacking the wheel bearings
•    Replacing and repacking the bottom bracket bearings
•    Replacing and repacking the headset bearings

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