If a full sizing isn’t required, we can also fit you better on your existing bicycle. The process will get a “best guess” fit to help you feel better and more in control of your ride. We will set seat height and setback, adjust bar and stem to a comfortable height and address other fit issues such as numb fingers, stiff neck, knee pains and saddle issues. This is a simpler process that will get you close and is only $75.00. 
  If you need different parts to fit your bike, you pay for the parts and labor to install.

 Do you want more results or better training methods for your limited schedule? Contact Clay for a program designed to your needs and goals. If you need help with orthotics for cycling or running Clay can help with that too. I have a set of inserts for my shoes and they really help a lot.  Check out his website.  runfasst.com.

After fitting and ordering her Bike,
Elizabeth is set up on her full custom
Mercian Strada Special. All parts were 
selected for the best possible experience.

 Bike sizing and fitting

 Bicycling doesn't have to be painful. If you are experiencing pain its probably because of an improper fit between you and your bike. There is a lot that goes into sizing a bike that is not immediately obvious. That's why its best to take advantage of our experience and know-how by letting us perform a sizing for you and adjust your bike accordingly. We can also design the best fitting custom frame for the type of riding you wish to do, be it touring, sport or racing. Each style has its own particular needs and performance characteristics and a full fitting will tell you exactly what your bike needs to look like to optimize handling and comfort. Or if you want, we can also tell which stock frames or bikes will work best for your application.

    Sizing takes about two hours and is by appointment only. Contact us to make arrangements.

Sizing costs $250.00  but does not include labor or parts that need to be exchanged (handlebars, stem, etc.) to adjust your existing bike.

    If you have us do a full fit session and decide to buy a new bike from us, you can get a $100 discount on your purchase and pay no assembly charge ($170).